At Core we employ the best people in the industry. We employ people who want to expand their expertise. People with a drive to compete and succeed who require the best tools in the industry at their disposal. We employ forward looking people who want to build on what they are doing today and create something more for themselves tomorrow. If you’re looking for a chance to build something for yourself, look no further.

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Current Postings

Delivery Driver

The duties of the delivery driver are to operate the delivery vehicle in a safe and efficient manner under the direct supervision of the office manager. The typical hours for this position are 8am to 4pm Monday to Friday. The delivery driver is responsible for performing daily inspections, completing his log book and ensuring that his TDG paperwork is completed properly. He is responsible for ensuring that the load on the truck does not exceed the maximum allowable weight of the vehicle and that his placards displayed on the vehicle are representative of the load being carried. He will complete deliveries based on the packing slips given to him by the office manager. By way of signatures on those packing slips he will obtain from customers written confirmation of all goods delivered and picked up. He will submit all signed packing slips to the office manager for invoicing.

He will make note of any repairs required on any incoming equipment and will communicate any defects to the office manager in writing via the equipment maintenance sheet. The driver is also responsible for ensuring that all maintenance (regularly scheduled or as needed) is performed. The driver is responsible for tracking mileage and alerting the office manager of upcoming regular maintenance as well as any issues that he becomes aware of that require repair.

Outside Sales

Core’s outside salesperson is a professional sales individual who provides excellent customer service and pursues new customers and opportunities and maintains their existing customer base, ensuring they are serviced and exploring further opportunity for account growth. The outside salesperson has a strong technical background allowing them to work with customers and identify opportunities to grow their business by providing technical support for their industrial gas needs. They work with their coworkers in distribution and logistics to ensure their customer is receiving the products they require. They have existing market experience and connections companies that could require industrial bulk gases such as laboratories, schools, and manufacturing. They understand that customer service is a differentiating factor between independent operators like Core and their corporate competitors. They are looking to offer the best to their customers.



  • Minimum 2 years industrial and / or contract sales experience
  • Basic computer proficiency
  • Strong interpersonal skills